Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Every Christmas in my one roomed schoolhouse, we would draw a name of a fellow classmate for a gift exchange. It was usually some small game or trinket. I dreaded this  because I usually received a bingo game. Those cardboard cards and circles drove me crazy. Maybe I am still traumatized from these early childhood experiences and cannot make an unbiased comment on the dreaded Bingo game.
Regardless of your political stripe, sometimes a government does something that defies logic . Here on my Island, it was reported that our government will spent $140,000 "to revitalize the game of bingo". In fact spending has begun with - you guessed it - $22,000 for a consultant's report. Admittedly, the bingo's are run as charitable fundraisers and operated by non-profit groups. The proceeds are used to support many worthwhile causes in our communities.
I can't believe that the government of the day has such great financial resources and time to spend on an "non-issue". The only recourse that we have is to play Bingo on the next election day.

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