About Me

I am a Prince Edward Island native and love living in Canada's smallest province! My 4 children are grown up now and I have 3 beautiful granddaughters. I live with my husband Billy, and we have 4 furry critters,  2 border collies - Molly and Quinn and 2 miniature horses named Max & Firefly.

Needlework, of every medium, was  prominent in my childhood 
home. My mother was very talented and passed her love on to me. I learned to knit and embroider at a very young age. I was always knitting back then and finished my first fisherman sweater by the age of 11.

Today, I love to stitch and quilt and 
I belong to 2 local guilds in our area.

Last year, my friend, Marsha and I started a framing business. Check it out on The Old Crow Framing tab.    

I am starting a new chapter in my life as a production weaver. I have been learning this new art this past year and I really enjoy it.

Molly (Black& White) & Quinn (Red & White)
Max & Billy